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The Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook is a paper workbook used as a training program specifically designed to enhance a person's self-compassion. This unsolicited redesign is a concept of a mobile app that allows users to complete readings for each lesson and listen to the audio meditations at the touch of their fingertips.

Paper Workbook

The workbook contains lesson readings, written exercises, informal practices and formal meditation practices. There is a separate online resource that provides access to audio meditations. There is currently no mobile application, and as a participant in the program, A mobile application would be beneficial for people that want to access these meditations, readings and audio files all in one place.

Current Audio Files

Current audio files can be accessed online. There is also a website to complete an objective assessment of self-compassion.

Screenshot (37).png

Initial Sketches

Key features:

  • Welcome screen

  • Home screen

  • Bottom navigation

  • Audio screen

  • Meditation reminder screen

UI Style Guide

The style guide includes soft color palette with typography, icons, margin and padding grid spacing, illustrations, buttons and bottom naviagation.

Final Concept Screens

These initial concept screens provide opportunity for usability testing. The final meditation reminder screen provides an opportunity for testing to find out if people would like to set multiple reminders (different times on different days) or keep the screen as is.

Final Thoughts

The Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook currently exists in paper form which is excellent for completing the written exercises. It would be helpful to find out which app features would best meet users’ needs. This unsolicited redesign project is currently in the concepting phase and would benefit from user testing. With more time, more screens could be sketched out including the meditation screen, the lesson readings, and accounts page.

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