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KidLink Tech


UX Design Intern
Disclaimer: Due to the non-disclosure agreements with KidLink Tech,
I am limited in the amount of work I can show.







Competitive Analysis

I conducted a competitive analysis to identify the strengths and weaknesses of KidLink's key competitors and find opportunities for our app.

The following will give KidLink a competitive advantage:

  • Homework share capability is unique to KidLink Tech

  • Include a code for parental control when switching between children 

  • Include some activities that are aligned with educational standards

  • An intuitive way for users to monitor and advance reading levels


Strengths                                       Weaknesses                                       Opportunities                              Threats

• Used in over 160 countries and 4500 cities

• Strong social media following

• No read aloud option

• Activity page poorly organized

• Minimal activity options (mainly coloring pages)

• Not available on many devices (Kindle, Android Tablets, etc...)

• No homework share capability

• One-on-one calls only

• First of its kind

Together App                                  Epic                                              Caribu                         

• Quizzes & Audio books 

• Built in dictionary

• Online and offline access

• Parent dashboard

• Strong social media following

• No free version for families

• Asks for credit card info right away

• No screen share capability

• No homework share capability

• Catered to schools, not families

• Large book selection

• Well known and used

in schools

• Very well organized

• Variety of fun activities

• Upload your own book

• Child mode available

• Games only available during screen share

• Small book selection

• No homework share capability

• No social media presence

• Only available on iOS and Android 

• No desktop version

• Upload feature

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